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You were my oxygen
...the thing that made me think I could escape.
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6th-Jun-2005 09:52 pm - Please do this.
Recommend any books that you liked or know i will like because I can't seem to find any good ones. PLEASE RECOMMEND A LOT! Reading is all I do in the summer.

19th-Mar-2005 05:17 pm - Well..?


Come on down, calm yourself down,
tell me what's the matter,
what's goin' around. 
I can feel the tension in the air,
the poison in your words.
Don't look at me like that or
you're gonna get hurt
Throw caution to the wind and
take a ride with me
no one else is here
we can be carefree
everything is alright
let's just take our time
sometimes you gotta step outta the box
just to get back in line.

20th-Feb-2005 11:45 am - ...
Friends only, bubba
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